Antivirus Protection Opinions Spark Interesting Conversations

While on Twitter I happened across a hashtag a computer company was using to peddle their services. One tweet said Norton 360 was the absolute best Antivirus program and that they offer it for sale. I then tweeted that experience and conscience would not let me agree. I soon had a response directed to me from Norton support offering to help me with any problems I may be having.

I quickly responded that most techs agree that Norton is not the worst but not the best. Seeing self proclaimed professionals state that it is makes me think affiliate. The quick response from Norton Support was:

Okay, if you ever need any help with Norton, do send us a tweet

I explained that Symantec was an asset in tools and knowledge which ended the conversation but not my thoughts about the antivirus industry as a whole.

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What Makes Emsisoft Internet Security So Good

Have you heard of Emsisoft before? Emsisoft has been around for years as a Malware program. Emsisoft and Malwarebytes have save thousands from threats that had made their way onto their computer. Now Emsisoft comes in a bigger and better package…Emsisoft Internet Security. Now you get a lot more than just malware detection and removal.

Emsisoft Internet Security gives you multiple stages of protection from Viruses, Trojans, Rootkits, Ransomware, Adware, PuPs, and General Malware. Emsisoft Internet Security

Surf Protection

Emsisoft’s surf protection stops the newer surf-by-download attacks and prevents you from accidentally visiting sites that are dangerous or malicious. Many of today’s threats, ransomware included is caught by visiting web sites that are pretending to be something they are not or using unethical practices to sell software or services that are different than they appear. Emsisoft’s Surf Protection blocks the website with a warning so that you don’t go there by accident.

Real Time File Guard

Files on your computer can become corrupted with outside influences. They may look and even work as though they are safe and doing what they claim when they are not only infecting your computer, encrypting your files, or opening up gateways for other dangers. Combining the powerful Emsisoft Malware Engine with BitDefender’s Antivirus Engine you are getting the maximum protection available.

Behavior Blocker

Thousands of new threats are released every day. Some of these are actually completely new and previously unknown threats while a majority of these new threats are the old ones that have been manipulated in a way to make it past antivirus programs. Emsisoft’s Behavior Blocker stops threats that aren’t even known to be threats yet.


Certain programs and services need access to the outside world. Unfortunately if you open your computer to the outside world every single threat out there would make a beeline straight for your unsuspecting computer and start sending information out to those it serves. A smart firewall is able to distinguish what should be able to access out or come in without your needing to be a computer security specialist. That is what Emsisoft does, it keeps you safe and still allows you to enjoy the Internet the way it is meant to be.

PC Helper 123

The PC Helper 123 membership is as low as $14.08 a month and comes with Emsisoft Internet Security. The best way to fix a computer is to keep it from getting broken in the first place. Emsisoft helps do just that.

What Does It Take To Keep My Computer Clean and Running Good?

Not like I haven’t written about how to keep a computer clean of viruses before. I’ve also written quite a few times about how to keep your computer running good to. This article is a special one though as it is introducing a lot of new things going on here at PC Helper 123! So lets take a look at just how you go about keeping your computer clean from malware and running good to boot.

Lets Start With Malware and Ransomware

I’ve said it before…in fact I’ve said it hundreds of times before…1 in 3 computers on the Internet are infected with some type of Malware. That’s over a BILLION computers world wide and over One Hundred Million here in the U.S. alone. As if those numbers weren’t scary enough by themselves almost all of them have virus and malware protection of some type installed. Continue reading “What Does It Take To Keep My Computer Clean and Running Good?”