How Do I Speed Up My Computer What Program Is Best

Your PC HelperHow do I speed up my computer and what program is best to use? Everyone is looking for a quick and easy way to speed up their computer. There are hundreds of programs out that claim to do just that. Unfortunately there is no “one button fixes all” software available that actually does what it claims to do. Don’t take this the wrong way I’m by no means saying that you can’t make your Windows PC faster again, just that there is not a single fix that will do it for you.

Windows computers slow down for several different reasons.

  • Services and processes loading in the background
  • Corrupt Windows components
  • Left over program files, processes, and tasks
  • Malware threats on your computer

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Is It Possible A Storm Two Weeks Ago Made My Computer Stop Working Today

Tech Questions and Answers PC HelperA storm a couple of weeks ago caused a power surge and damaged some of your electronics. Your laptop had made it through the ordeal…or so you thought. When you went to go use your laptop computer today all it does is display “Can’t Find Operating System”. Let me attempt to offer an explanation to what may have happened.

“Imagine if you will”(forgive the Twilight Zone quote) a car tire going down the road hits a cement brick. Initially it seems that the tire is okay. Then the steering wheel of your car begins to vibrate. A little at first and more as you continue on. Before you know it the steering wheel is jerking heavily and you pull over nearly ten miles past where you hit the brick.

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Can Hackers Use My Webcam to Spy On Me

Tech Questions and Answers PC HelperIs it possible for a hacker to access your webcam and spy on you? If you expected the answer to be yes then you are right. This type of intrusion is not one that is new. It has happened several times through the years. What you may not know is that it isn’t always the work of an evil doer hacker that has been at the root of it.

While any hacker that is able to make their way on your computer more than has the ability. Access to your webcam may be coming from more innocent sources. Nanny programs designed to help monitor a child’s computer usage, software designed to track lost or stolen laptops, and other seemingly safe software is giving out more access than planned.

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