Pay Attention To This: Refer Friends and Family Get 1 Month Free

Refer family or friends to PC Helper 123 and get a free month of membership for free. Whether you are already a member or would like to become a member you can now get protection. It’s just that simple. When someone requests any type of service or membership and says that you sent them you get 1 free month of Protection + membership yourself. No obligations or complicated stipulations. 1 referral equals 1 free month.

What’s The Catch

There is no catch. No auto pay, no commitment, just computer help for everyone. That is what PC Helper 123 is here for, to help. Existing members already know the comfort of problems being prevented before they happen and issues taken care of as they happen. It’s only fair that everyone gets the chance to know how good that feeling is and only fair you get rewarded for helping others. Continue reading “Pay Attention To This: Refer Friends and Family Get 1 Month Free”

What Is PC Helper 123 Starter Membership

Do any of these things apply to you?

  • Want to save money
  • Want to know when your computer needs help
  • Real answers to questions at no charge

That is what the Starter Membership at PC Helper 123 offers. The membership includes

  • Computer Health Monitor
  • 40% Discount When You Need Help
  • Place To Have Questions Answered Free

Continue reading “What Is PC Helper 123 Starter Membership”

Get Computer Help Now with Partial Pay at PC Helper 123

You can get computer help now and use partial pay. PC Helper 123 know that it is no secret that financial times are tough for everyone. Now that it is officially the Christmas season those times are even tougher. The truth is that a slow or misbehaving computer is a low priority. Whether you use the computer to keep in touch with Family and Friends, Entertainment, or for work putting food on the table and keeping the electric turned on comes first.

Partial Pay Now there’s no reason to keep putting off your computer help. PC Helper 123 is now offering the Partial Pay option on your invoice. This means that you can get the help you need now and pay as you are able. After all a PC Helper is here to help make things better, not make things harder.

It’s Not a Credit or Leasing Company

no credit or lease just partial payThe partial pay option is not through a credit or leasing company. There is no credit check or credit needed and it’s available to anyone who wants it. The invoice from PayPal is simply marked as partial pay accepted. This lets you pay what you can when you can. It’s really that simple. Like I said I am here to help make things better not make them harder.

No matter whether you are becoming a new member or you are just needing to have your computer fixed one time you can still use partial pay.