Can I Really Get Rid Of Cable and Satellite TV

Free Network Television is the big thing now so I figured I would write about it. It is true, there is a way to replace your cable or satellite bills for free television. Instead they are getting their Network Television and other channels for free. HD Antennas are making it possible for people to get free t.v. again.

The quality of television you get depends on where you live. People that live in remote areas will have a more difficult time receiving quality television than those people that live closer to large cities. It is not impossible for those living in remote areas to get free television. It just takes a little more effort than those free t.v. commercials lead you to believe. If you are like me you will have to take a few extra steps to make things work.

Where You Live Makes a Difference

Where you live makes a difference on how much you are going to have to do to get free television. If you live in a city or suburb then it is likely that almost any antenna is going to offer you a good selection without the need of any help. If you live further away from a city or out in the boonies like me then more equipment will help make it work for you.

  • Inside or Outside Antenna
  • Amplifier and Booster
  • Signal Splitter For More Extensions

Will an Inside Antenna Work or is an Outside Antenna Better

If you are living in or close to a city then an inside antenna will likely do the job for you. Most antennas will reach 25 to 40 miles with little or no help. Where you position the antenna inside the house will make a difference to. You may be able to get more stations if the antenna is placed away from appliances and telephones that may cause interference.

Some inside antennas will come with a small signal booster. These small signal boosters may be enough to over come any interference that may be in your house or even add stations that may be just outside the regular antenna range. In the very least the small signal booster will make the television stations more stable for you.

If you live a good ways from a city or out in the country then using an outside antenna is the better choice for you. Outside antennas usually have an unassisted range of 40 to 60 miles. This means any television station within a 60 mile distance will be received through your antenna. Adding an amplifier often called a signal booster will increase or even double this range depending on the strength of the booster.

Adding Range to Your Antenna With an Amplifier/Signal Booster

preampAn amplifier and booster can actually serve distinctly different purposes. An amplifier or preamp is used to enhance weak signals and seemingly extend the range of an antenna. A pream does this by boosting the signal at the closes possible point of signal reception. A regular amplifier or booster boost the signals at the other end of the coax leading from the antenna.

High Definition signals are different than the old analog television signals were that many of us older folks remember.  HD signals are either strong enough to give you a great picture or they give you no picture at all. This type of work or not behavior can make it seem that a lot of television stations are not available. In reality they are available. They just need a little amplifying to make them strong enough to be seen on your television.

Using a Single Antenna for All of your Televisions

Most homes today have multiple televisions. Usually one in every room. Cable and Satellite companies make a sizeable income by charging you for each of these televisions you have connected. With an HD antenna every television in the house can have television stations with a little extra effort.

Signal SplitterA signal splitter will allow you to run a cable to each television from a single antenna. A booster may be required to make sure every televisions gets equal quality signal.

Signal splitters come in different sizes and many come with a signal booster built into the splitter to prevent signal loss. Using this simple splitter will allow you to run a coax cable to each of your televisions so they can all receive the free HD T.V. equally.

The Internet Can Give You Back Your Other Television Stations

Stop a moment and ask yourself why you are spending so much money with your satellite or cable company. Many of our answers are likely the same. I like watching Epix stations, HBO, TBS, Disney, and many other television stations. Unfortunately these “for pay” stations are not available just by buying an antenna.

Roku Stick PackThanks to modern day Internet they are available though. Many of the stations themselves allow viewing with free or paid membership depending on the station. Dishnetwork owns SlingTV which offers many of these stations for $20 per month. Using a device like a Roku you can watch these stations through any HDMI capable television.

An Alternative to the Big Bad Pay T.V. Services

This is not a complete tell all of everything that you can do to get television for free. It is meant as a primer and to give helpful insight to what choices are available other than cable or satellite. Not everyone has cable or satellite service as an option. Those that don’t may be able to take advantage of the free television available by using an HD antenna.

Regardless your reason for looking into what is available for free by using an HD antenna. This article helps show what is possible and how you can still have access to other pay t.v. channels and use them on an as you want them rather than being stuck with them for months and years at a time.

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Brad is a true PC Helper. Having worked on computers since 1988 he's not only experienced at what he does but puts the computer owner above all else. Owning a computer should be a fun and a safe experience. That is the whole mission of the PC Helper program, taking care of you and your computer.

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Brad is a true PC Helper. Having worked on computers since 1988 he's not only experienced at what he does but puts the computer owner above all else. Owning a computer should be a fun and a safe experience. That is the whole mission of the PC Helper program, taking care of you and your computer.

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