Help Windows 10 Won’t Shut Down What Do I Do

So Windows 10 won’t shut down and you don’t know what to do about it. To shut the computer all the way off you have to hold the power button in. This is not good of course Windows 10 should be shutting down all the way. Hopefully we can find way to fix the problem and make the Microsoft world right again.

When Windows doesn’t shut down all of the way that means there are one of two things going on. In some cases Windows has a lot of things it has to do. If this is the case it is easy to tell. Most computers have a hard drive light. This hard drive light will be blinking or constantly on letting you know that Windows is actually working. If your particular computer does not have a hard drive light you can use the Resource Monitor to check for activity. When there is hard drive activity it is almost always best to let Windows complete whatever it is doing. In other cases there is some type of issue going on with Windows that is preventing it from shutting down. This can be anything from corrupt uploads, malware even wrong or corrupt drivers. Continue reading “Help Windows 10 Won’t Shut Down What Do I Do”

My Computer Is Slow and Ads Keep Popping Up What Do I Do

It’s one of the more popular stories. “My computer is slow and ads keep popping up what do I do?” My  first  suggestion would be to get a professional computer technician. Especially if you are just a normal computer user that just wants to be able to use their computer.

There actually are a few different things that you can do. Whether you do them yourself or seek out help is up to you.

  • Check For Rootkits
  • Use an Outside Virus Program
  • Try Cleaning Your Browser

Continue reading “My Computer Is Slow and Ads Keep Popping Up What Do I Do”

How To Manually Reset Windows 7 Product Key Information

There are times when for whatever reason your Windows 7 installation may become unregistered and begin warning you that you may have a pirated version of Windows installed on your computer. You may have purchased your computer from a major manufacturer like Dell, HP or others that swear to you that pirating isn’t the case. So what is it you should do to fix this? Continue reading “How To Manually Reset Windows 7 Product Key Information”