What PC Helper Membership is Best For You

I’m not sure if you have heard yet but PC Helper 123 has memberships. In fact you are now able to join and renew your membership right online now. Knowing that the memberships are there is one thing. Knowing which membership option best fits your particular needs is a different story.

There are three membership levels to choose from

PC Helper 123 Starter Membership: As low As $4 a Month

The  Starter membership level provides you a PC Health  Monitor. The monitor notifies you whenever there are potential issues in key areas of your computer. Continue reading “What PC Helper Membership is Best For You”

How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware | Prepare

Ransomware File Encryption Is Bad Ransomware is bad there really isn’t any other way to describe it. Most malware and virus do some type of damage or add some annoying behavior. Almost all them can be removed and repaired. If worse comes to worse and nothing else works backing up your important files and then performing a Factory Restore puts things right again.

Ransomware doesn’t work like other malware and viruses. Sure it can be removed easy enough. The damage it causes though is a different story. Today’s ransomware finds it’s way onto your computer, usually through a legitimate looking email with a PDF attachment, and worms it’s way through your hard drives and even attached network drives. As it worms it’s way through it encrypts every document and picture you have making them completely unusable. You can hold your breath and hope that the author of the ransomware has a change of heart like the author of TeslaCrypt did and releases the master key and apologizes or you can prepare yourself for ransomware before it ever happens. Continue reading “How To Protect Yourself From Ransomware | Prepare”

Fixing Your Computer The Right Way

Brad Your PC HelperHi, my name is Brad Jones. I’ve been working on computers since 1988. I live in a small rural town called Lakeland, Georgia. Computers and technology being what they are today I now take care of people and their computers all over the United States. I’ve even fixed a few computers from Great Britain an other countries on occasion. Best of all I’ve had the opportunity from time to time to help some of our military members that were stationed over seas.

There was a time I had actually decided to quit the computer business. I had grown increasingly disappointed in what customer service and the computer care business had become. People were not only being taken advantage of but everything had turned from taking care of customers the right way in to an industry focused on moving as many customers and their computers through in the fastest and easiest way. The industry had shifted from taking care of people the right way to just making as much money as possible. Continue reading “Fixing Your Computer The Right Way”