I Don’t Want To Spend Any Money On This Computer But It Needs Help What Do I Do

Tech Questions and Answers PC HelperA lot of people have computers they don’t want to spend any money on but need cleaning or other work done in order to get them working right again. The first thing that needs to be done is to define what no money means. When people say they don’t want to spend any money on fixing a computer it is often with a certain amount in mind.

Larger retailers for example usually charge $199.99 and more to have viruses removed from your computer. In a lot of cases, to many in my opinion, this ends up being a “Factory Reset” and more money is charged to backup important pictures and files. The average virus cleaning quickly turns into $329 once it is all said and done. By anyone’s terms that would be considered money.

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My Hard Drive Is Bad How Can I Get My Files

Tech Questions and Answers PC HelperHard drives can go bad and stop allowing Windows to start. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still access them and get your files. A lot of stores and computer technicians charge a lot of money for what you can easily do yourself.

Hard drives will stop working for Windows before they actually go completely dead. Most hard drive failures are due to bad sectors rather than actual physical or electrical failures. This means that they are still accessible by using a special bridge that turns them into an external hard drive.

Is Your Hard Drive Completely Bad Or Only Partly Bad

Pictures tax returns and Microsoft Office documents are usually what people have on their hard drive that they are willing to get back. It’s a reality that most people do not use any type of online backup service or don’t have the online backup set up to save the files that are most important to them.

This creates a market that many companies take advantage of. Home computer owners that are willing to do almost anything to get back those important pictures and files. A $15 tool allows companies to charge big bucks to do just that.

Hard Drive to USB If a hard drive has suffered extensive physical damage or has an electrical failure this process will not work and file retrieval becomes extremely expensive. In more cases than not the hard drive is accessible with a device that allows it to connect to your computer as a USB drive. These adapters are inexpensive and easy to use. 15 Years ago they were difficult to find and were a bit more costly. Today they are readily available at outlets like Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy.

Another Hard Drive To USB AdapterThese hard drive to USB devices can range in price from $10 to $69 depending on where you buy them and what type of device you purchase. The bottom line is that using these devices you are able to turn a normal hard drive into an external drive and access your important files. This does not work in all cases but as long as the drive is not to damaged it does. You simply have to decide whether it is worth $20 to find out.

Backing Up Your Files Is Always Safest

Things are going to go wrong. Whether it is a car, washer and dryer, or your computer. The best way to make sure you do not lose your files is to back them up. Using an external hard drive and an online backup service is your best way to be safe. Using these backup methods together are the only way to really protect yourself from today’s ransomware to. Knowing there is a method that you may still be able to retrieve your files affordably is good. Using good backup practices is even better.


How Much Should Computer Repair Cost Me and Why

Tech Questions and Answers PC Helper¬†How much computer repair should cost and why can be simple and complex at the same time. Today’s computer repair industry is actually in a type of flux. There are two types of computer repair popular today. Companies still provide the same carry in and on-site repair services that we have grown accustomed to.

These same companies are now promoting remote computer care and services. Many mom and pop type computer stores that have been disappearing over the last few years are once again able to compete. What this means for you is more competition and more affordable prices. Even the larger companies like Best Buy have lowered their computer care prices for remote services even though they are still a bit higher than others.

When You Need Conventional Carry In Services Instead of Remote services

Over 85% of all computer repairs are malware related. That means 15% of them aren’t. Hardware related computer problems still require some type of conventional computer repair. A knowledgeable computer technician can talk you through changing your computer’s memory or hard drive. Most people would rather have it done by someone else.

Hardware failures are still best handled by conventional carry in or on-site computer repair services. Your personal level of knowledge and abilities contribute to whether a phone call or a carry in services is needed. Even the clever use of smartphone pictures and texting can help make a remote hardware repair possible. Skype video can be also make a remote hardware repair possible when the computer owner is willing to be a technicians hands.

Many remote services will not even attempt to provide hardware support. When it is suspected that a hardware problem is the cause then your remote service provider will recommend carry in services. Many of the technicians used by these remote service providers are not qualified to offer that level of service. Recommending carry in repair is safer and easier.

What Remote Computer Services Are and Why They Are More Affordable

Remote computer services provide more than just computer repair. Remote services like the services provided at PCHelper123 are preventive in nature. Providing the right computer services will lower the possibility that computer repairs will actually be needed.

  • Health Monitoring
  • Malware Protection
  • Online Backup
  • Advanced Computer Help and Repair

These three services alone prevent loss and the need for remote computer repair sessions. Some computer services providers provide a number of free remote sessions as part of a home protection package. A single yearly price provides all of the preventative services and remote sessions that you will likely need.

Best Buy advertises virus removal fees starting at $199 for carry in service. The price for remote computer services usually range from $99 to $199 depending on the type of services provided. Lower operating costs allow remote computer services to be provided at a lower cost. The average cost of computer purchased today ranges from $300 to $800. Paying $200 for a single virus removal is becoming impractical. This is making the remote computer service a more preferred method.

The Nitty Gritty Truths and Costs of Computer Repair

With Best Buy charging $79 for just carrying your computer in for repair. The conventional means of computer repair is quickly losing it’s luster. Over 85% of the time these $79 repairs jump to as much as $349 for a virus removal and file backup. Best Buy is not the only game in town. Smaller computer stores are still charging an average of $159 for malware cleaning.

The reason that stores are charging so much for computer services is simple. Higher overhead forces them to charge more for their services. Remote computer services has a lower overhead and more competition which equals lower costs for you. While you may still not be comfortable with the idea of someone accessing your computer remotely. In my world it is a lot less unsettling than paying $349 to repair a computer that only cost $400 to begin with. The break fix model of computer repair is quickly dying for anything other than hardware failure.