How To Fix Windows By Telling It To Fix Itself

It may not always be apparent, but computers have really changed over the last 28 years. Especially when it comes to being a computer technician. When I started 28 years ago it really was a chore putting in hard drives, setting up printers, and even changing or adding computer memory. There was no such thing as “Plug and Play” or auto detect in those days.

Back then it was a lot more work and a lot more difficult being a computer person. Oddly though it really wasn’t a lot more frustrating (Thanks Microsoft!). Sorry, I had to add that one in there. Today is filled with “Plug and Play” devices, the Bios autodetects the hard drive, memory and more. A lot less is needed today in order to get a computer to work. That is the COMPUTER to work. Getting Windows to do what it’s supposed to do is a whole different story and one that I’m going to go into a little bit here.

With all of its glorious glow, bells and whistles Microsoft Windows has revolutionized a very large part of computers and especially computer repair. Having to know how many cylinders or whether a hard drive is a master drive or a slave/secondary drive is a topic that most people haven’t even heard of for example. Setting ports, dip switches, and/or jumpers in order for a computer to be able to use a phone line to dial out to another computer like a BBS isn’t something people are familiar with either.

Computers Today Are Disposable

Moving on from the reminiscing of past glory days. Let’s start talking about modern computer problems that we all experience from time to time.

Today most laptops and PC’s that are in homes are disposable. When you look at how much it takes to buy an economy computer. The economy computer is what lives in a large portion of today’s homes. They cost anywhere from $199 to $700. Just as an example, if you are a Best Buy person, just having a virus removed from your computer costs $349 on average. The virus removal service starts at $199.

If you own an economy computer and you think your only option is to go to Best Buy to have it cleaned what are the chances you are going to spend that much money to get your $249 laptop fixed up? Lets face it slim to none right? That laptop is getting thrown in a closet, donated to Goodwill, or ending up in a garbage can. Like I said, today’s economy computers are disposable.

With all of that being said lets talk about how to save money, time and frustration no matter how disposable you may think your computer is. Most importantly how to let Windows fix those problems for us. Maybe mixed with a little how we could’ve stopped the problem from happening in the first place.

How To Let Windows Fix Itself When There Are Computer Problems

When there is a problem with your computer wouldn’t it be great if it could just fix itself? Believe me or not in a lot of cases they actually can. Microsoft has built a lot of tools into Windows. Microsoft even designed the way Windows works today to actually allow the computer to fix itself.

To keep this from turning into another miniature book like my last post did. Lets just talk about some of the more common ways Windows can fix itself. These are some of the most common issues that people tend to have when their computer seems it needs to be fixed today.

  1. I can’t connect my computer to the wireless internet but everything else does.
  2. My computer is running super slow.
  3. I installed some new software and now my computer is running really badly.
  4. My computer isn’t running right. Some parts are fine but some parts I can’t even get to run.
  5. I keep getting the blue (Windows 7 and before) or black (windows 8 and 10) screen of death and my computer restarts itself.

These are five of the more common complaints and issues that people encounter. Windows can fix these five problems most of the time as long as you tell it what to do.

I’M connected to the wireless internet and I can’t get anywhere but everything else does.

This problem really frustrates a lot of people. Not to mention it is a pretty puzzling one since Windows is telling you that you are connected to the Internet but you can’t get anywhere. It’s even worse when you find out all of your phones and other smart devices can.

Diagnose Your Connection Status Windows has a diagnostic feature built in that usually fixes this problem. Opening the Connection Status window and clicking on diagnose will normally find the problem and ask if it is OK to fix it. Clicking on the Diagnose button tells Windows to go through a list of checks and resets that usually fix these types of problems. While there is a history of Windows help not actually being very much help. This feature does come in handy for a large number of Windows users.

My Computer Is Running Super Slow How Can WIndows Fix that?

This one is a little more on the tricky side. There are countless reasons why a computer starts running super slow. Windows may be able to provide a tool to fix it for you. If nothing else Windows can help you find out why your computer is running so slow and go from there. The first question to ask in this situation before going any further is, what happened just before the computer slowed down?

If the answer is that you did absolutely nothing. It just suddenly slowed way down. In the bet fashionable computer technician voice I am going to say “Have You Restarted Your Computer”? Why is it that computer techs always ask that same question every time?

The best answer to that question is that when you tell your computer to restart it closes down running programs and services. Some of these may have run into some type of issue and will come back up with Windows working correctly. The simple act of shutting down and turning your computer back on or restarting your computer allows Windows to fix a great number of problems.

If Shutting your computer down and turning it back on does not solve the issue then it may be possible to get a quick fix by performing a Windows System Restore. Choose a date and time prior to when the computer started being slow. Any software that may have been installed will be removed as if it had never been installed. Changes to drivers that may have taken place will be reverted. If any of these issues are causing your computer to run slowly or poorly will have been fixed during the restore process.

When Nothing Seems To Work Or You Need Ideas

Your best bet is to have a friend who is an actual computer technician. This means it is someone you can ask questions and get help from without having to spend more money than the computer is worth. This is the whole idea behind PC Helper 123.

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Brad is a true PC Helper. Having worked on computers since 1988 he's not only experienced at what he does but puts the computer owner above all else. Owning a computer should be a fun and a safe experience. That is the whole mission of the PC Helper program, taking care of you and your computer.

Author: pchelper

Brad is a true PC Helper. Having worked on computers since 1988 he's not only experienced at what he does but puts the computer owner above all else. Owning a computer should be a fun and a safe experience. That is the whole mission of the PC Helper program, taking care of you and your computer.

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