How Can You Keep Your Windows Safe No Matter What Happens?

There are different ways to try and stay safe on the Internet. Different ways to try your best to make sure that your Windows stays safe and working. The alternative after all is to lose everything, have to reinstall Windows and all of the other programs that you have installed since you bought your computer.

Not sure about you but to me that is not only hours of work but some programs that only allow you to install them so many times I may not be able to reinstall again. One of those program suites I may not be able to reinstall is over $1700 and I don’t care who you are that’s a lot of money to lose.

Keeping Yourself Safe From Online Threats

Keeping yourself safe from online threats is a mission that everyone has. Some even go to the extreme and refuse to take advantage of certain Websites like Facebook and YouTube in order to stay away from any threats that may be lurking for some. Others install the best antivirus program that money will buy and hope that it does what it’s supposed to.

The unfortunate reality of today’s Internet is that no matter what you do there are threats that are going to make their way onto your computer somehow. Some of the more popular ways that people get viruses and malware today are

  • Opening Email Attachments (Even from Friends)
  • Downloading and Installing Free Software (Even From Safe Sites)
  • Going to Websites (Even Legitimate Sites)
  • Connecting Your Computer To The Internet

Scary Bot¬†These are only a few of the common ways that threats make it on to your computer. Sometimes you don’t have to do anything more than just connect your computer to the Internet and wind up the victim of a random BOT that is lurking through the Internet looking for potential computers that have a particular program installed or has not yet updated Windows with a particular patch.

Though it isn’t one of the most popular methods there are legitimate web sites that get injected by malware that spreads to all of those that visit. Other times it looks exactly like a legitimate website for a company and Google even has it listed under a search for a company but it is not that actual company’s website rather a site hoping to lure the unsuspecting visitor in order to spread it’s attached surprises. Before you know it you computer is infested with multiple threats.

There Is A Way To Recover From Virtually Any Computer Problem

Luckily it actually is possible to protect yourself and your computer from virtually any type of problem. No matter whether your computer becomes completely infested with threats, your Windows becomes completely corrupt and no longer starts, or even if your computer is lost, stolen, or destroyed. If you take the right precautions your Windows and installed programs will always be able to be restored back to a working and familiar condition.

No more having to not visit popular web services out of fear and no more having to worry whether that expensive software is going to be able to be reinstalled or restored if the worst happens to your computer. For small businesses one bad computer problem can cause you to lose everything you have come to depend on like customer information, billing histories and more.

PC helper Hard Drive Using software that is specifically designed to take a picture of your Windows and hard drive exactly as they are and storing them on an external hard drive or in your online backup means that you will always be able to get your Windows and your programs back to the way they were, even if you have to get a new computer. In other words no matter what happens your programs and files are safe and easy to get back the way they were.

The PC Helper 123 Annual Programs Give You Just That

Most online tech support companies can only help you to a point. If you haven’t went the extra mile and bought your own imaging program and ran it then in the event of your computer not booting, your hard drive failing, or if it is just a problem they can’t figure out how to fix then you are on your own to find someone local to hopefully be able to rescue at least your files if it is possible.

The PC Helper 123 Annual Member programs comes complete with a bootable External Hard Drive and imaging program. This means that your PC Helper will be able to help make sure that your current Windows environment and installed programs are safe and able to be restored and no matter what happens you can get the help you need from your PC Helper. This is a service that you are not likely to find with any other online support or help program.

There are even different programs available to fit your specific needs

  • Bootable USB For Those With Their Own External Hard Drive
  • Bootable 500Gb External Hard Drive With Imaging Software
  • Bootable 1Tb External Hard Drive With Imaging Software

These external hard drives not only serve as a way to access a computer that won’t start like it is supposed to but also give you the ability to use them as you would any other external hard drive. Beyond the backup and imaging software they also hold a large number of computer utilities that you and your PC Helper can use to get your computer back to the way it is supposed to be.

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Brad is a true PC Helper. Having worked on computers since 1988 he's not only experienced at what he does but puts the computer owner above all else. Owning a computer should be a fun and a safe experience. That is the whole mission of the PC Helper program, taking care of you and your computer.

Author: pchelper

Brad is a true PC Helper. Having worked on computers since 1988 he's not only experienced at what he does but puts the computer owner above all else. Owning a computer should be a fun and a safe experience. That is the whole mission of the PC Helper program, taking care of you and your computer.

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