How Do I Speed Up My Computer

Computers slow down as they are used. How do I speed up my computer is one of the questions that are asked most often. There are usually three main ways that a computer is slow whenever someone asks about speeding the computer up. The first is the amount of time a computer takes to start up, the second is the amount of time a computer takes to do something and third is the amount of time it takes to go places on the Internet.

There are major differences in the reasons that a computer is slow depending on which one of these you are talking about. There are ways in most cases to speed up a computer in all three of these different areas.

  • Computer Startup – Amount of programs and services loading
  • Main Computer Use – Malware and Adware, Problem services/programs
  • Computer Internet Use – ISP Service, Malware and Adware

Speed Up The Whole Computer At Once

SpeedOver 87% of the time a computer is slow because of software problems. These software problems usually come from malware and adware. In some cases there may be corrupt drivers and software but these are usually the result of viruses, malware, and adware as well. We will cover this in a later step.

The first step in speeding up a computer is cleaning a computer of viruses, malware, and adware. This may not be the complete fix but like I said almost every computer has it to some degree so getting rid of it is always best regardless if it is the main reason a computer has slowed down or not.

Cleaning a computer is always best in Safe Mode. In safe mode windows loads generic drivers and only the services and drivers needed to allow Windows to run. This means in most cases whatever is slowing down the computer probably won’t be started and will be detected or fixed easier than it would in normal Windows mode.

Starting The Computer Cleaning Process

Windows Safe The first step is to get Windows in Safe Mode. Safe Mode with Networking is actually the best place to be. This mode will allow you do download the tools and utilities that you will need in the cleaning process.

Please not that the order that you run the following programs is important. Certain programs do different things that help the programs that come after it to be able to work. In many cases the viruses, trojans, and malware on a computer will actually protect any other threats that are on your computer from the programs that detect and clean them.

Computer Cleaning Step 1

The first step is to download and run rKill from Bleeping Computer. Save rKill to your desktop and run the program. rKill will go through and stop rogue processes that may interfere with the regular computer cleaning process. After this program is finished then it is time to proceed to the next step.

Computer Cleaning Step 2

The next step is to check for rootkit programs that may be running. Rootkits are special programs and are a lot more difficult to check for. These rootkits can actually hide processes and even folders from other cleaning programs. Running programs like TDSSKILLER by Kaspersky will search and remove these rootkit programs.

Cleaning Computer Step 3

Running an antivirus program different than your installed antivirus program. It is possible that your installed program either doesn’t know how to detect and clean certain threats or has been fooled into not seeing the threats that have made it past your installed protection. Eset has a Free Online Scanner that not only detects threats but cleans them too.

Cleaning Step 4

After the Eset free online scanner has completed running special malware programs is next. Malwarebytes will scan your computer for threats that may not necessarily be considered viruses but are still possibly harmful or unwanted. If any are detected it will even clean them from your computer if you choose for free.

Computer Cleaning Step 5

Emsisoft is has a Free Emergency Kit that will scan for harmful malware. Running this program will help catch any threats that are not detected by Malwarebytes. Just as running Malwarebytes ensures you detect any remaining threats the the Emsisoft Emergency Kit my not detect.

Computer Cleaning Step 6

After having ran all of the previous scan your computer should run a lot better. Though there are still things like services, start up commands, and tasks scheduled that are probably left behind. Running the Junk Removal Tool(JRT) which is now owned by Malwarebytes will go through your computers Registry, Shortcuts, Startup, Scheduled Task, and Browsers and clean remaining threats or unwanted remnants of threats.

Cleaning Computer Step 7

The last program in this particular cleaning process is AdwCleaner. It is a program that is similar to the junk removal tool but will report process and commands found in several different areas and give you the option to choose which ones you would like removed. These two programs like Malwarebytes and Emsisoft Emergency Kit will possibly find and clean things that the other won’t.

Your Computer Is Clean Now What

Once AdwCleaner has completed and you tell it to clean what it has found it will reboot your computer. At this point your computer is clean, at least for the most part. Please note that while this process is more complete than most cleaning process performed it is only a partial part of what PC Helper 123 does when cleaning and speeding up a computer. When your computer reboots allow Windows to start normally and check the speed of Windows.

There Is More That Can Be Done To Speed Up Your Computer

There are other procedures that can be performed to help speed up your computer. Processes like using Autoruns and turning off or delaying the startup of Windows Services. These processes can possibly damage Windows or make it so that Windows doesn’t start. Since these and other processes are so dangerous we highly recommend that you have a computer professional like at PC Helper 123 help you with these steps.

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Brad is a true PC Helper. Having worked on computers since 1988 he's not only experienced at what he does but puts the computer owner above all else. Owning a computer should be a fun and a safe experience. That is the whole mission of the PC Helper program, taking care of you and your computer.

Author: pchelper

Brad is a true PC Helper. Having worked on computers since 1988 he's not only experienced at what he does but puts the computer owner above all else. Owning a computer should be a fun and a safe experience. That is the whole mission of the PC Helper program, taking care of you and your computer.

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